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One Last Thing Before I Go

One Last Thing Before I Go - Jonathan Tropper Well. I loved This Is Where I Leave You. This one, not so much.

First, it was not nearly as funny. Second, the MC - inexplicably called Silver - was just not the lovable loser he was made out to be. And, the reader is beaten over the head with the lovable loser concept. Perhaps in an attempt to make it be true.

Silver's daughter is pregnant, his ex-wife is getting married, and he discovers that he needs surgery, soon, or else he will die. So he decides, eh, I'm never going to be anything more than a lovable loser, guess I'll just go ahead and die. Never mind that his wonderful parents are totally distraught, never mind that his daughter appears to want him in her life, never mind any of it, the story must go on and the story is that Silver would just prefer to die. He knows what changes he'd need to make to have the life he'd like to have, I guess he just doesn't have the energy to make them. Ugh.

The worst of it for me, though, was the quirky movie scene-ness of most of the book. I say, write a book, and if you're lucky enough that it's made into a movie, they can add the stopping-dead-on-the-highway-on-ramp scene, or the sing-your-one-hit-wonder-song-out-of-nowhere-at-some-kid's-bar-mitzvah scene later. Almost all of the scenes in the book felt like they were written to entice a movie producer. Or many of them. Just annoying. Did not love this book. At all.