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The Next Time You See Me

The Next Time You See Me - Holly Goddard Jones This book was good, but depressing, but good, but I hated the ending.

The story is told from several character's POV, and I have to say that each of these characters is depressing in his or her own way. There's just so much desperation going on, not so much outright, but it's there. You'll cringe at some of the things these characters do, and feel sad for them, and also think about all of the pathetic things you've done and had thought you'd successfully forgotten.

And yet it was a good story, very absorbing even though it wasn't so much a suspense novel as a character study. Well-written, I mean, you could see and imagine and feel just like you're supposed to, when reading fiction.

But the ending, I hated the ending, it did not alleviate the depressing-ness at all, and I try to avoid actual life circumstances that are actually depressing, let alone made-up ones that I bring upon myself. Still, it was good. Worth reading, but maybe only if you are on a relentlessly cheerful streak that you'd like to put a stop to.