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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell I bought this book because I really, really liked Attachments, and now I am annoyed because I spent money without paying attention to some of the bad reviews. And this is why I sometimes feel compelled to write a bad review of my own.
I disliked this book for several reasons, first and foremost being that I couldn't wait for it to end. It was JUST NOT THAT INTERESTING. The protagonist's name was Cath, her twin sister's name was Wren. Get it - Cath-Wren. Ugh. Also, her boyfriend called her "Cather". Which I kept reading as "Catheter" and, well, that's just weird. Also, the boyfriend never stopped playing with his hair, and was described as having a small pink mouth (??), a receding hairline, and attached earlobes. My hero. The Simon Snow excerpts were pointless, and I finally started skimming through them, even though it is against my nature to skip words in a book. The plot was not great and Catheter, who was meant to be portrayed as a socially anxious introvert, just came across as frustratingly childish. That's it, I hate writing bad reviews but there you have it. Read at your own peril.