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The Vacationers: A Novel

The Vacationers: A Novel - Emma Straub Annnnnd another one where I am bewildered by the overabundance of good reviews.

The Post family goes on a two-week trip to Mallorca, sadly leaving me with the near certain conviction that now, I will never want to visit that area of Spain, or maybe Spain as a whole. Because if I do, I will think of them. And I DID NOT LIKE THEM.

Mom Franny is upset because Dad Jim has cheated on her and lost his job, all in one big disaster. Son Brian has issues with his (gasp) older girlfriend. So does the rest of the family, primarily because she is (gasp) older and also wears makeup (gasp) every day. Daughter Sylvia is upset over her own jerk of an ex-boyfriend. Friend Charles and his husband are trying to adopt a baby.

And that's about all that happens. Unless you enjoy reading about a family actually playing Scrabble. It got to the point where I was actually feeling sort of panicky, as if I myself were also stuck on this vacation with them. Playing Scrabble.

I just don't know. I did not like any of the characters, there was very little going on, and even though all of the plot lines did get wrapped up in the end - that's just it, they were wrapped up. Sigh.