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The Unseen Guest

The Unseen Guest - Maryrose Wood What is it about these books? I can't stop reading them. This one was another adventure in the lives of Miss Penelope Lumley and the Incorrigible children - and a ridiculously far-fetched one, in my opinion. Certain aspects/plot points were downright silly and unbelievable, well beyond the normal unbelievability level you normally find in this series. And as with the previous two entries, answers are alluded to but rarely (if ever) given. To the point that as I was nearing the end of this one, I thought, THAT'S IT, I'm done, if I don't find out SOMETHING - I refuse to go any further with this series. And yet, I finished the last page and immediately went in search of the next.
They're funny, for one thing. And full of generally good attitudes toward living. The narrative asides I could do with less of - even if I were a child reading this book instead of an adult, I don't think I'd want quite such an extensive lesson on synonyms.
But, I don't know. I just love these books. Dammit.