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You Should Have Known

You Should Have Known - Jean Hanff Korelitz When I see that a book is categorized as a 'literary thriller', I always expect the 'thriller' aspect to be limited or non-existent. And while 'You Should Have Known' was not the James Patterson-type, 2-page-per-chapter speed read, it still had me up later than I wanted to be on more than one night.
When Grace Reinhart-Sachs learns that a woman she barely knows has been murdered, it hardly registers - she's busy enjoying her perfect life with her perfect son and perfect husband. But then, her perfect husband seems to have vanished, and Grace's world slowly begins to fall apart.
I did find Grace to be somewhat annoying, both in her Manhattan-centric mindset and her vast stores of self-pity. Still, I wanted everything to turn out okay for her, if only because other characters were much more hate-able.
And it was the slowness of her falling-apart, along with the excellent writing, that kept me reading this book at a pretty good pace. The tension builds, Grace makes sometimes questionable decisions, and all the time, you're wondering what will come to light next.
To sum up - I really liked You Should Have Known, and hope to forget all about it so one day I can read it again. I received a free copy of this book as part of the Goodreads First Reads program.