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The Interrupted Tale

The Interrupted Tale - Maryrose Wood I still love this series. And I do realize it's written for middle-grade readers. BUT . . . I have officially reached the point where I am glad the next installment isn't available yet, because the storyline is actually getting a bit redundant.

The clues, or perhaps red herrings, that have been exposed seem to be pointing to several obvious conclusions. Or at least semi-obvious conclusions. But these same clues have been blatantly exposed throughout the series, with little forward progress. Penelope's hair color has been hidden to keep her safe. Her hair color matches that of the Incorrigibles. Someone secretly took care of the Incorrigibles when they were living with the wolves. Old Timothy seems to be everywhere and know everything. Judge Quinzy, or whoever he is (no spoilers here) is up to something.

I'm beginning to feel that the secret or secrets, whatever they are, are not going to be too very astounding because it just TOOK TOO LONG TO GET THERE.

Anyway. This one was still funny, taking the readers away from Ashton Place again, this time to the Swanburne school, which seems to be in a bit of financial (and other) trouble. Penelope delivers a filibuster, chickens perform a dance routine, and Frederick Ashton learns that howling at the moon might not be so bad. Still an enjoyable read, but I, for one, am happy for a break.