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Reconstructing Amelia

Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight As many other reviewers have said - this book was fine. I more or less enjoyed reading it, and throughout, I was interested to find out what actually did happen to Amelia, as well as how all the other seemingly random plot lines would be tied up. And then came the end, where we realize that the seemingly random plot lines were, in fact, quite random indeed. Which is when 3 stars became 2.


The things that really sort of pissed me off:

1 - The pointless "who's your daddy" storyline. I didn't care that Daniel was Amelia's father. I cared even less to find out that it was actually Jeremy. These were minor characters, and what did any of it have to do with anything? Seemed thrown in to add mystery and tension. Eh.

2 - So Kate knew all about the condition that caused Amelia to have one green eye and one hazel, but did not know that same condition causes prematurely gray hair? As in Jeremy? And she slept with him at around the right time, and still it never occurred to her?

3 - If I were at the edge of the roof of a building, I feel pretty certain that my best friend could not knock me off said building by poking me in the chest with her cell phone.

4 - The teacher writing the blog - why? Again, what did it have to do with anything??

5 - Amelia and Zadie the mean girl are half sisters. And? Zadie never even knew it.... aaaaggggghhhh, this book was just too frustrating. On the same topic, Zadie's mother had a problem with Jeremy allowing Amelia to end up at the same school as Zadie. But THIS HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT ON THE STORY.

6 - Zadie walks in and uses her phone to film naked Amelia and Dylan, and then Amelia freaking out. Yet her freak out does not involve TAKING THE PHONE OUT OF THAT EVIL GIRL'S HAND and throwing it down and stomping on it. Who wouldn't do that? Who would let her leave with this video on her phone? ANNNND - why did the video never come out again???

7 - As Kate and Detective Lew investigate (because the victim's mother is always welcome to be a part of the investigative team), they learn, oh, almost nothing. Everything that was discovered by anyone was due to the tracking down of texts from anonymous numbers. Now, here's the chapter where we learn where Ben's texts actually came from! Here's the chapter where we learn who texted Kate, "she didn't jump"!

8 - Daniel - a grown man and licensed attorney - is another of the anonymous nasty texters. All because he wasn't given a case that he wanted. And this too REALLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REST OF THE STORY.

I'm stopping now, because I don't want to think about it anymore. Also because I dislike writing bad reviews. The thing is, I like reading incredibly frustrating and disappointing books even less.