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The Truth About Alice

The Truth About Alice - Jennifer Mathieu I just did not see the attraction, with this book. It was fine, nothing to hate about it, but nothing in particular to like. Rumor-spreading, slut-shaming and bullying are certainly worthy topics, but dealt with here in a very unsurprising way.


What I liked - well, not really anything. The multiple POV's were okay.

What I didn't like - Alice, having been shamed to the point of being accused of responsibility for some arrogant ass's death, does nothing. She just changes into a sweatshirt, puts the hood up, and goes to school every day. She does not deny, defend herself, scream at the ex-BFF who has deserted her, nothing. I just didn't believe that. It might have been more interesting if she'd actually done the things she'd been said to have done. Or something. I don't know.

Elaine - too straight-up bitch. Nothing redeeming about her. I don't think there necessarily has to be something redeeming about every MC in a book, but there should be something that makes them human. This girl could have been a computer program set to 'bitch'.

Kellie - Equally one-dimensional, just with different reasons.

The friend? What was his name, Josh? Anyway, I am pretty sure he had a crush on Brandon, didn't he? Why wasn't that ever expanded upon?

In general - the whole book was, here's how rumors spread. Here's what happens as a result - oh wait, really nothing, except the subject of the rumors becomes friends with a nice nerdy guy. Who, incidentally, is also kind of one-dimensional.

And now it's possible I like this book less than I did before writing this review.